Ministry of Helps

If you like to serve, there are a number of opportunities available for you to get involved at TICC in Toronto. The ministry of helps team makes much of what takes place on Sundays possible. Below are the various departments and what they do. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these departments, please call (416-497-4940 ext. 0) or email  the church office at



Do you enjoy meeting people? You are invited to join our Greeters Team? Greeters welcome new visitors as well as the TICC family to service. Many have expressed that it was a warm word or a friendly smile from one of the Greeters that encouraged them to attend TICC. We’d love to have you as part of the team! Share the love of Christ as a TICC greeter.



Ushers enjoy serving others by offering practical assistance to those attending our public services. Location of seating, distribution of literature, taking collections, and offering general information are just some of the ways that ushers provide for our guests and church family members.

Our purpose is to serve those in attendance and to exemplify the fruit of the Spirit to everyone that enters our doors. As we do this, we are learning how to have a servant’s heart and grow in all the Lord has for us. We want you to know that your presence in worship is our reason for serving and we are glad that you are here.



The Communion is an intimate time of fellowship with the Father; a time when we see ourselves in Jesus. His body, our body; His righteousness, our righteousness. TICC takes part in the Lord’s Table. Agree to assist with communion services the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. This includes putting communion elements in place and cleaning up following the assigned service. Join the serving team today!



The security team is responsible for safeguarding your house of worship. We direct the public to all sections of the Church and keep security over the parking lot. We are looking for a team of dedicated men and women who will help serve our congregants, ensure the church’s facilities are maintained and the items we have invested God’s money into are accounted for.



This group ensures compliance with biblical principles and sound financial practices. This group is responsible for the record keeping and handling of contributions and donations to the church.  These officers manage the finances at various functions related to conferences, seminars, special events and workshops. If you are discreet, detail-oriented and focused, you belong to our team!



Jesus' last instructions were to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Toronto is a city with many religious cultures. TICC opens its doors to all, and is a church where ALL belong. Join the TICC evangelism teams reaching out with the Gospel beyond the four walls of the building.



Jesus said, "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me". Each Sunday after service, TICC distributes food to those in need. Come lend a hand, share a kind word to our brothers and sisters.



TICC is run solely by the free will offerings and donations of its members. Gifts of time and talent are of great benefit to ensure that the building is maintained in optimum condition. If you are handy, this is the Ministry for you. All talents are welcome.



Do you enjoy cooking? T.I.C.C. has many opportunities for anyone interested in joining the Hospitality Team. From catering for our annual events to special occasions during the year, the kitchen is always a hub of activity. Sometimes on a Sunday, we team up to provide a meal for lunch.  Even if you’re not a cook but can chop, dice or slice, or be on the clean up crew, everyone is welcome to take part. It provides a great opportunity to fellowship with one another over food.



This ministry is dedicated to complementing and supporting existing programs for the overall health and growth of the church. We are responsible to greet everyone who comes into the office and to offer assistance. If you have a pleasant telephone manner, have great time management and organizational skills, and are a quick learner, then this is the place for you. We support all the other church ministries including manning the Welcome Centre where we show hospitality to visitors and the church family during and after their visit to the church.



TICC is blessed to have numerous nationalities attending, making the word "International" a very real part of the church name. Any given Sunday people attend who do not yet speak English. Translation ministry ensures that they do get to hear the good news. If you are fluent in another language and would like to join the Translation Team, we would like to have you. We are currently looking for Farsi translators. We also hold ESL classes for persons wishing to learn English.



"To know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding, to receive the instruction of wisdom" PROVERBS 1:2-3.

 God desires for all of His children to grow in the knowledge of the Lord.  Many times it is helpful to read books by learned men and women regarding various aspects of Scripture. At the Celebration Church bookstore you'll find hundreds of different titles on subjects as diverse as theology, diet, leadership and Greek nuances. There is material for all ages and cultures. Bookstore is open Sundays before and after the services.



For those who have a strong interest in the mission field, this ministry is for you. We can help you translate your vision to specific mission goals and projects, educate the congregation on biblical teaching of missions, develop plans and activities, and select & collaborate with local mission organizations on mission projects.