Healing Room Ministry

The TICC Healing Rooms Walk in Clinic offer all people an opportunity to receive healing from Jesus.  

The Healing Rooms are dedicated to the continuation of the healing ministry Jesus began 2000 years ago.  In a one-on-one or small group setting, patients are encouraged and helped to connect personally with Jesus Christ.  All people, from all backgrounds, faiths or religions are welcomed to receive.  

The Healing Rooms are operated as a walk in clinic, first come, first serve. Volunteer ministers and leaders of the Celebration Church operate each Healing Room. All focus is put on the finished work of Jesus Christ.  

Healing Rooms do not offer medical advice or lifestyle counseling.

Healing and transformation take place as the individual yields to the life of Christ within.

Healing Rooms meet every Wednesday from 7-9PM @ the Toronto Pavilion (190 Railside Rd).