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The Champions Club is a state of the art 
program created to meet the physical, mental 
and spiritual needs of children with special 

The Champions Club is a state of the art program created to meet the physical, mental and spiritual needs of children with special needs.

Champions Club was created by several professionals in the field of special needs. It is a plan that allows each child to be taught to at their individual level.


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The Champions Club is open to all families. The family does not have to be a member of Toronto International Celebration Church (non-denominational).

WHEN - The Champions Club is open during each Sunday worship service (10:30 & 2:30).

WHERE - The Champions Club is a carefully designed room at Celebration Church. Visitors will be greeted at the main door by a friendly greeter team, and can request directions to the Champions Club.

FREE - The Champions Club is provided free of charge by the Toronto International Celebration Church family and members.


SPIRIT STATION - At the spirit station we teach curriculum using one-to-one ratio in a learning center format. Children are encouraged to experience praise and worship through singing and hand motions. 

They learn Bible stories through storytelling, songs and take home crafts.


SENSORY STATION - The sensory station was created for “cause & effect” activities that will allow an opportunity for each child to become involved through sight, sound, touch & smell.

For example, our digital sensory magic board provides multi-sensory feedback and stimulates the visual system. Itengages the child’s ability to track objects. 

The constant effects of color change are also effective in promoting color recognition and visual perception. Other sensory objects are used to enhance their level of relaxation. 

Through touch, tactile feedback is offered through vibrating sensations in their hands.


PHYSICAL THERAPY STATION - This station helps to develop individual, social and emotional interaction. Itengages the childrenphysically.